Making the change

Our blended learning programme will guide, inform and inspire you every step of the way as you begin your learning journey by getting your first team or teams started with self-organised teamwork.

The programme draws on our experience in many countries and sectors, but our seven years of work to help British and Irish organisations to learn about, introduce and adapt the highly successful Buurtzorg approach is front and centre.

The programme starts with building a thorough understanding of the basics of self-organisation, drawing especially on how Buurtzorg has grown from a tiny start-up in 2007 to the leading Dutch provider of community health and care services today.

But learning from that experience doesn’t mean you ‘cut and paste’ how Buurtzorg do it. It means exploring what has enabled Buurtzorg to succeed in its own context and thinking about and experimenting with what will work in yours.

So you’ll be taken on a journey to discover the background behind Buurtzorg, the fundamentals of its approach and the importance of knowing your why and having a framework to guide the work.

With that knowledge you’ll then dig a bit deeper to explore how the methods of self-organised teamwork serve your purpose by supporting the day-to-day practical work of your professionals.

And the programme digs ever deeper into the practical aspects of making decisions in a self-organised team, dealing with organisational tasks for the smooth operation of the team, supporting and challenging each other as needed, and more.

All of that is covered in self-directed e-learning supported by three workshops – one at the start, another in the middle and a third on completion of the e-learning — in which we will come together to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

The learning material will be accessed on a bespoke learning management system that makes learning universally accessible and enjoyable for people, wherever they are, and on whatever device they want to learn from.

We understand that people always learn best when they’re enjoying themselves and that’s why our content is highly engaging and applicable to real life practice.

Programme cost: £9000 per self-organising team (of up to 12 people), plus £1000 licence fee per organisation for 12 months access to our learning platform.