So you’re inspired enough by the proven potential of self-organised teamwork to want to explore what it can do for your organisation.

Great, but a basic principle of navigation is to understand where you are now, and why, so that you can be sure you do want to change and begin to map out your journey.

That’s where our Discovery Process can help. We facilitate a ‘rapid review’ to clarify your purpose and how your existing culture and practices do – or don’t – serve you well in achieving it.

This is a quick and participatory process, involving your senior leadership team and (depending on your organisation’s size) some or all of your ‘frontline’ professionals and support staff.

It can be challenging, because it tends to bring to the surface the kind of realities that everyone knows about but few have acknowledged – the elephants in the room, if you like.

But it’s also refreshing and fun, and not only reveals some of your important cultural characteristics but also starts to challenge and change them collectively – setting the tone for the journey ahead.