Online Inspiration Workshop

Is it possible to improve services and job satisfaction at the same time as cutting costs?

The answer is yes, and this is an invitation to join us in a conversation to find out how.

We’ve helped a growing number of organisations in the health, care and social housing sectors to learn how to improve outcomes, staff retention and productivity by supporting their people to work with greater freedom and responsibility.

One of them is Newtide Homes, whose Chief Operating Officer, Sam Greenacre, is ready to share the inside story of how self-organised teamwork has brought improvements for customers, staff and the bottom line.

He’ll tell you how they went about it and what they’ve achieved so far – and he won’t shy away from exploring the challenges and what it means for leadership.

The free online webinar is at 9.30am on Wednesday 10 July. Secure your spot here.


‘We managed to get a load more people doing the job instantly. And we’ve also saved thousands, which we intend to use to say to everyone in the team, how can we spend this money? What sites do we need to recruit more people to? It’s all about actually listening to people. We want our staff to come to work and think – not just do.’