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People at the Heart of Care – Adult Social Care Reform White Paper

The Public World Team

Earlier this week the UK government published a “10-year vision for how we will transform support and care in England”. Much could be and has been said about unfulfilled promises, failure to tackle the immediate crisis & the gap between intentions & funding.
However the White Paper – like the creation of integrated care systems & primary care networks – presents opportunities for those willing & able to grasp them. That is the spirit in which we welcome it and you can find out why in this blog from Brendan Martin.
The White Paper rightly presents the Buurtzorg way as an example of ‘people at the heart of care’. That’s why in 2022 we will be supporting the creation of a Buurtzorg Care UK social enterprise.
We are already in discussion with prospective partners and we would be glad to hear from more.
And if you would like to know more about the Buurtzorg way, you’ll find case studies from Buurtzorg inspired pilots & also a set of 6 WebEx talks and many other videos here on our website.

‘People at the heart of care’: how Buurtzorg does it - Buurtzorg