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Case Study: West Suffolk Test and Learn, 2017–18

The Public World Team

The background:
In 2017 a coalition of partners, including Suffolk Community Healthcare, Suffolk County Council, West Suffolk Councils, West Suffolk Foundation Trust, East of England Local Government association and West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, agreed to work together, to design and deliver a project to test a Buurtzorg inspired model of working. A test and learn approach was agreed with a shared purpose of testing a new, holistic approach to delivering community care in west Suffolk. The aim of the early work was identified as establishing a stable operational blueprint inspired by the Buurtzorg Model, through a process of adaptation and review.

The evaluation:
Healthwatch Suffolk (HWS) were commissioned to evaluate the local adaptation of the Buurtzorg model, from the patient’s perspective, during the pilot phase (Feb 18-Jan 19). The King’s Fund were separately commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the model from the perspective of the health and social care professionals implementing the new model.

The achievements:
The findings of the evaluation were that the NNCT’s services had provided some outstanding holistic are for patients/clients enabling those individuals to make significant improvements to their health, wellbeing and independence.  The reviews also noted how team members were building relationships with care agencies and the hospital to share information and coordinate care for specific individuals; and the strength of the commitment to key elements of the Buurtzorg vision among senior partners across health and social care in Suffolk.

You can read the full reports from The King’s Fund and Healthwatch Suffolk here.