Standalone Courses

Some of the courses that make up our full blended learning programmes are also available as standalone courses, enabling your teams to focus on a particular principle of self-organisation which, when implemented well, will result in a significant improvement to the way they work.

For example, if you find your teams spending a lot of unnecessary time in meetings, with the same people speaking and little output, our course on solution focused meetings will be invaluable. We provide a methodology and template for more efficient meetings leading to actionable results and more time for teams to be face to face with clients.

Our course on decision making provides training on how to make decisions in the right place at the right time leading to quicker decisions being made by those who are best placed to make them. This improves creativity and autonomy of client-facing professionals which leads to greater job satisfaction. At the same time, senior leaders are freed up to work on new initiatives and future developments that will support the sustainability of the organisation.

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