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Cepta Hamm

Public World Associate

Cepta is a nurse and community activist based in Hampshire, England.

Now self-employed, she was lately Head of Patient Safety at a large NHS Trust on the Hampshire/Surrey borders and previously Head of Nursing Integrated Care, Neighbourhood/District Nursing, Heart Failure, Palliative and End of Life Care at a large London teaching hospital

In this teaching organisation, with the support of Buurtzorg and Public World, Cepta led the first ‘test and learn’ experiment of an adapted Buurtzorg model, setting up and supporting two self-organised neighbourhood teams, which pioneered the approach in the Trust and the NHS.

In this capacity, she served as the liaison point between the board and senior management of the Trust and the self-organising teams, growing a rich body of knowledge about the leadership challenges involved in enabling self-organised team work in a large, complex and hierarchical setting.