Humanity at the heart

Our purpose is to put humanity at the heart of work, organisations and services, and by doing so improve outcomes and productivity and help strengthen communities.

We work with our clients to activate the creativity and mobilise the knowledge of their people through self-organised team work in nurturing workplaces.

Because the best results come when people with common purpose and shared vision create their own solutions and learn together how to do their best.

Why choose us?

Global Experience

We have worked in 100+ countries worldwide with all kinds of organisations from community groups to international institutions.

Specialist Expertise

We have been growing our knowledge and understanding of supporting stronger self-organising communities and workplaces for four decades.

Fresh Thinking

We keep learning and pride ourselves on enabling our clients to create their own solutions, suited to their own purpose and circumstances.

Social Enterprise

We are a proud member of Social Enterprise UK, driven by purpose not profit, and we conduct our work in accordance with our values.